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#Eros might be down but it's on to the NEXT....nowadays nothings guarantee and they were over priced anyways 🙄
Let's continue to retweet and support each other.
@slixa @TheHiddenPages also the #littleblackbook you can find details at @tsegpodcast

Just a reminder: Women don’t owe you anything. Not their time for free. Not their content for free. Not their creativity, expertise, skill, or access to their presence for free. Femdom is first and foremost for ME - so I dictate how it best suites my life. Remember that.

A girl who hangs around with 'hoes' is automatically a 'hoe' but men who hang around with abusing, manipulative, rapist friends & all of a sudden it's 'not their business'

Pick a script and stick to it.

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Travel Dates

I am based in Los Angeles, but I do travel frequently. Here is my upcoming travel schedule

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Visiting Las Vegas, Nevada

March 1st - 4th, 2018

Contact me for more details on my schedule and bookings.

Limited availability!!!